Ruiter Quality Interiors

what we do

In the world of luxury yacht interiors, the name Ruiter speaks for itself. Which is how we prefer it, quietly getting on with what we do best. Exquisite interiors, from classic on SY Marie and MY Jamaica Bay II to minimalist on SY Ghost.

From the outset we specialised in thinking outside the box, pioneering the idea of building interiors in template form. An approach that is faster and more efficient, and delivers the customer a superior end product, with everything pre-lacquered before fitting. Due to this, owners have the chance to see their interior in life-size format before installation, with furniture mock-ups in place.

While interiors are becoming ever-more complex, with an increasing emphasis on curves and ultra-sophisticated layouts, we still appreciate the intricacies involved in working within the parameters of a camber and deck. Since 1979, we have created over 60 luxurious interiors for a wide range of yachts of 35 meter and up plus numerous interior refits worldwide . Including many of the most famous and award winning superyachts.